K'gari (Fraser Island)



Stunning K’gari (formerly Fraser Island) is the world's largest sand island off the east coast of Queensland, around three and a half hours drive north of Brisbane. World Heritage-listed in recognition of its magnificent sand dunes, rainforests, beaches and freshwater lakes. K’gari offers visitors a range of activities for a relaxing or adventure-filled getaway. A literal translation of the name, K’gari, given to the island by the Butchulla people, is paradise and we agree.

The island’s freshwater lakes, bushwalking trails, four-wheel driving tracks, along with its importance in the annual Humpback Whale migration and as home to the purest breed of dingo in Australia makes K’gari a unique experience for visitors of all ages. Swimming in freshwater lakes and basking on pure white sand, feeling the freedom when driving Seventy-five Mile Beach or exploring the inland rainforest tracks are just some of the memories you will make on K’gari. And if you like fishing, there’s plenty of that too! Explore our website for tips on preparing for your holiday and check links below and K'gari coolest facts for ideas on what to see and do when you arrive.