K'gari (Fraser Island)



K’gari’s changing landscape and vegetation makes it a walker/hiker’s paradise. The island has sand blows, coastal health land, eucalypt and banksia woodland, tall blackbutt forests, forested swamps, mangroves and our favourite, subtropical rainforests. There are a multitude of walks to choose from for all skill and endurance levels. In fact , K’gari has one of Australia’s Great Walks, which is a 90km multi-day walk which takes you through several different landscapes with awe-inspiring scenery. However, you don’t have to do this all at once. Parts of the Great Walk can be accessed by 4WD, if you would like to turn sections into day walks. A Hema map or Queensland Park’s Great Walk map are particularly useful for identifying where the Great Walk and 4WD tracks intersect. You can find full list of K’gari walks here.

Central Station Walks

Follow Wanggoolba Creek through beautiful subtropical rainforest. K’gari’s rainforests are unique as they are the only subtropical rainforests in the world to grow in sand. Typically sand is too low in nutrients for plants to survive, let alone thrive as K’gari’s rainforest do. There are a few walks which start from Central Station:

Central Station to Wangoolba Creek
900m return (15 - 30 minutes)
This walk is wheelchair accessible and follows a boardwalk along the creek. Great for families with young children. Can be walked in flip flops/thongs.

Central Station to Pile Valley
5.2km return (1.5 - 2 hours)
Continues on from the boardwalk along Wangoolba Creek up to the large Satinay trees at Pile Valley. Enclosed shoes recommended.

Central Station to Basin Lake
5.6km return
Cool off in the secluded Basin Lake and enjoy the solitude. Chances are you will be the only ones there.

Central Station to Lake McKenzie
6.6km (one-way) or 13.2km return
Walk through subtropical rainforest, banksia woodland and melaleuca wetland. Visit both Basin Lake and picturesque Lake McKenzie.

Lake Wabby

Lake Wabby Lookout
Lake Wabby Lookout is approximately 500m from the car park

Lake Wabby via Lake Wabby Car Park
3.1km return
Travel down from the Lake Wabby Car Park to Lake Wabby. The journey back to your car is a steep incline.

Via Eastern Beach to Lake Wabby
5.2km return
Walk through coastal heath and eucalyptus forest to Hammerstone Sandblow. Descend across the sandblow to Lake Wabby. The walk to Lake Wabby is mostly uphill. This is one of our favourite walks, however the sandblow can become extremely hot underfoot in summer. We recommend choosing a cool day to complete it.

McKenzie’s Jetty

Located near Kingfisher Bay
Kingfisher to Mckenzie’s Jetty 7.2km return
Mckenzie’s Jetty was used to load the timber onto barges headed for the mainland until logging ceased in 1960. Walk along the top of the tall cliffs of Kingfisher Bay. The views of Hervey Bay are amazing. Make your way down through bushland to Mckenzie’s Jetty. On the way, you will come across the ruins of the World War II Commando Centre used to train the Special Forces during World War II. Once on the beach, you can take some amazing photographs of the old jetty and shadows it casts across the sand. From here, you can either walk back the way you came or at low-tide you can walk along the beach. Just remember where you parked your car.


McKenzie's Jetty


McKenzie's Jetty


McKenzie's Jetty