Getting Here



Before Leaving for Rainbow Beach, make sure to check your tides. When arriving at Rainbow Beach, it is a good idea to fuel up and get any other provisions you might need. Food, alcohol, and fuel are limited and expensive on K’gari. Please fill any prescriptions or buy any over the counter medicines you may have overlooked, as there are no pharmacies on K’gari.

To drive to Inskip Point from Rainbow Beach (you can trust your GPS):

Turn left onto Clarkson Drive (opposite the BP service station)
When you reach the roundabout, turn right onto Inskip Avenue.
Follow this road until you reach the sign for Inskip Point. Turn right onto Inskip Point Road.
Follow this road to the end. Before going on to the dirt road pull over and let your tyres down to 20 PSI 137 KPA. You won’t be alone in this. You will see cars pulled over to the left.
When you are on the dirt road, engage 4-wheel drive and/or turn off stability control. At the end of the dirt road, you will be driving on very soft sand to Manta Ray barge. To keep up your momentum, it’s a good idea not to follow the other cars too closely. Cars line up at the end of Inskip Point to board the barge.

Once on K’gari, turn right and travel approximately 35km to Eliza Street/ Eurong Second Valley Entrance. The entrance is marked by timber poles with reflectors. Look for the first orange 40km sign along the beach. The entrance is 200m past this sign. Drive over the dingo grate and you’ll find K’gari Beach Houses on your left. Reception is the second house on your left (the only house facing the road).

TIP: If you reach Eurong you have gone too far. Backtrack 300 metres along Seventy-Five Mile Beach.
TIP: Eurong Second Valley entrance is 10km past the sign to Dilli village.




The Sealink Kingfisher barges leave from River Heads. River Heads is 20 minutes south of Hervey Bay.

When you arrive at Kingfisher Bay, continue along the jetty and follow the road to the roundabout. Go straight through the roundabout and take your next left after the service station. If you haven’t already lowered your tyre pressures on the barge, do so here. Low tyre pressure on bitumen is fine as long as you take it easy on the corners. Follow this road up the hill and you will reach the inland sand tracks.
When you cross the dingo grate, it’s time to engage four-wheel drive and/or turn off stability control. Follow the signs erected at the major track intersections to Eurong.
Follow the sand track for a couple of kilometres until you come up to your first turn right.
Take this track to Eurong, keep following this track until you come to an intersection. This is just after driving through the Pile Valley rainforest.
Turn sharp left at the intersection. Continue following this track until you reach Eurong. Go over the dingo grate, past the resort, and onto the beach.
Turn right on the beach and travel 300 meters south, then turn right into the track “Eurong Second Valley”. This track is called Eliza Street. The track is marked with 2 poles with reflectors on them.
Cross the dingo grate and you will find K’gari Beach Houses on your left. Reception is the second house on the left, the only house facing the road.

TIP: If the beach at Eurong is inaccessible due to high tide, you can come through the unsigned inland entrance to Eurong Second Valley. Please contact us for specific directions.