Getting Here



This barge travels from Inskip Point to the southernmost point of Seventy-five Mile Beach on K’gari and takes 15-30 minutes. From the barge drop-off point on the island, it is a 30 to 40-minute drive north along Seventy-Five Mile Beach to K’gari Beach Houses. Make sure to check your tides before leaving. Please click the link to see directions via Rainbow Beach/ Inskip Point.

Operating times: 6am to 5pm (may vary during king tides or extreme weather)
Please check Manta Ray’s website for ticket pricing and operating times.

Manta Ray Barge Office: 6am to 4pm (Daily, excluding Sunday)
Tickets can be purchased by cash on the barge or at Manta Ray’s Barge Office in Rainbow Beach.

Website: Manta Ray Barges
Phone: 07 5486 3935

Make sure to check tide times before traveling. If you think you might be pushing it to get up the beach to K’gari Beach Houses, you could stay a night in Rainbow Beach and cross over on the barge the following morning. This would also give you the chance for some last-minute provisioning. Rainbow Beach, while small, has a pharmacy and a small supermarket.

Once you reach Inskip Point, remember to pull over and lower your tyre pressures while still on the bitumen. This prepares you to drive in soft sand. You will soon be driving out onto the Point to meet the barge and the sand can be very soft, as it is unshaded and dries out quickly.

TIP: If travelling during school holidays, allow extra time for busy barge queues.




This ferry travels from River Heads (20 minutes south of Hervey Bay) to Kingfisher Bay on the western side of K’gari, and takes approximately 50 minutes. It is an additional 50 to 70-minute drive (dependent on inland track conditions) to K’gari Beach Houses. Please click the link to see directions via Hervey Bay/River Heads.

The SeaLink Ferry usually operates four times per day.
Please see Sealink’s website for their ferry timetable and ticket pricing.

All tickets must be purchased in advance. Tickets can be purchased on their website or over the phone.

Website: SeaLink K'gari Ferry
Phone: 1800 227 437

Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your departure time to allow time to drive on to the barge. Because there is no room to turn on the jetty at Kingfisher Bay, you will need to reverse your vehicle onto the barge at River Heads (mainland).

TIP: Deflate tyres while in transit on SeaLink K'gari Ferry.

TIP: If travelling during School holidays (excluding winter school holidays) make sure to book your barge 1 month in advance.