K'gari (Fraser Island)



K’gari (formerly Fraser Island) has numerous coastal fishing spots. Tailor, Whiting, Flathead, Bream, and Dart are the most commonly caught fish on K’gari. If you are lucky enough, you might snag a large Mulloway (commonly called Jewfish) in the winter months.

It must be noted that fishing is not permitted in any of K’gari’s freshwater creeks or lakes. Also be aware that penalties apply for feeding the dingos and/or making food available to dingos, and this includes your unwanted bait or fish skeletons. Make sure to keep bait secured in your car or on your person in a fishing bag. When disposing of offal, dig a hole 50cm deep above the high tide line to bury it and make sure there are no dingos nearby. It is likely dingos will still find it as they have an incredible sense of smell. However, foraging for food is natural for a dingo and it is important to disassociate food with humans.


Every August and September, large numbers of anglers visit K’gari to fish its eastern beaches for Tailor. These fish arrive in great quantities and are favourites amongst fishermen as they are a challenge to bring ashore. Tailor season falls between July and October, with August and early September being the peak of the season. Tailor migrate from the south, so it is recommended to fish the southern sections of Seventy-Five Mile Beach early in the season. Later on, many anglers fish off Poyungan Rocks and Cathedral Beach.

Please check our recommended Tailor fishing tips and fishing spots.


Dart can be caught all year round on K’gari. Like Tailor, they put up a fight, but remember they need to be bled to make them more palatable. Dart are not the tastiest fish due to their strong flavour, but we have a secret recipe you might like. Check out Kerry’s Fish Bits which can be used on all fish.

BAIT: Pippies, Pilchard


Whiting season is between July and March. When fishing along Seventy-Five Mile beach, find a calm gutter as Whiting dislike turbulent water. When the beach is rough on the eastern side, we head to the western side to fish near the creeks on the outgoing tide at Moon Point, Ungowa, or Wathumba. Slow moving areas of these creeks are best.

BAIT: Worms (eastern beaches), Yabbies (western bay and creeks)

Flathead and Bream

Both can be caught around the rocks on the eastern beaches. Namely Waddy Point, Poyungan Rocks and Yidney Rocks. On the western side of the island, the mouth of the creeks have proven the most successful. Both of these species are caught all year round on K’gari. However, Bream season is between May and September and Flathead season is between March and September.

BAIT: Worms, pippies, pilchard or live fish.

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