K'gari Beach Houses Facilities



Make the most of our front lawn. Watch the sunrise over the ocean, take in the stars on a clear night and dine al fresco at our picnic tables. There is also room for a family game of cricket or football, all inside our dingo-fenced complex. Spend time by the pool. A cooked breakfast on the barbecue and a quick dip is a perfect way to start the day, as is an afternoon swim to unwind after exploring the island. All guests have access to exclusive access to our facilities.

  • 24-hour power
  • Dingo fenced
  • Front lawn
  • Main pool
  • Kids wading pool
  • Spa
  • BBQ area
  • Playground
  • On-site managers

K’gari Beach Houses must provide its own power, water, and sewerage. This requires us to run our own generators, septic systems and filtered bore water system. As much as we would like to provide air-conditioning, we cannot generate enough power to do so. However, we have ceiling fans in all bedrooms and pedestal fans are available to hire from reception if ceiling fans prove insufficient.




Eurong Village is a 10-minute walk or 2-minute drive north of K’gari Beach Houses. Pop over for a bite to eat or stock up on sandwiches before starting your adventure-filled day.


  • Limited vegetables abd fruit
  • Meat and dairy products
  • Canned and packaged food
  • Ice
  • Fuel - an additional $1 per litre on the island due to transport costs
  • Coin-operated air compressor
  • Alcohol
  • Bait & tackle
  • Limited Pharmaceuticals - non prescription
  • Snacks, Ice creams & confectionary
  • Souvenirs, clothing, and sunglasses


Grab some sandwitches or wraps for a takeaway lunch or treat yourself to a pie and/or a sausage rolls, slices and pastries. Coffee and soft driks are also available.

McKenzie's on 75 Restaurant

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, PLUS takeway pizzas.





Please note that K’gari (formerly Fraser Island) does not have a pharmacy, doctor or fully-stocked supermarket, so be sure to source your medications and groceries from the mainland.

RANGERS STATION: Closest station to K’gari Beach Houses is at Eurong
SMALL GROCERY STORES: Eurong, Happy Valley, Cathedrals, Orchid Beach, Kingfisher Bay
(Fresh produce is typically in short supply as it is difficult to transport)
FUEL: Eurong, Happy Valley, Orchid Beach, Kingfisher Bay
(The further north you travel from Inskip Point, the more expensive fuel becomes. Typically, add at least $1 extra per litre to mainland prices.)
Eurong: McKenzie’s on 75 (open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
Happy Valley: Satinay Bar & Bistro (open for lunch and dinner)
Cathedral Beach: Cathedrals on Fraser
Kingfisher Bay Resort:
Sand & Wood Restaurant (open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
The Sand Bar & Bistro (open for lunch, and dinner)
Orchid Beach: Driftwood Bar

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